Elizabeth Maier
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Elisabeth Maier just set a Canadian record in Skeleton racing and was named to the World Cup team….all less than 10 months postpartum! She was an accomplished athlete before becoming a mother, with 11 World Cup medals and bronze at the 2015 World Championships, but now she is even more motivated by the desire to show other mothers that giving birth doesn’t necessarily mean giving up the thing you love. She has returned to the sport even stronger than before, and ready to #SlideLikeaMother.

Skeleton is an Olympic sport that uses the same track as bobsled. It’s an intense and extremely fast sport. Athletes push the sled to start, lay down headfirst, with very little protection, and race down the track at speeds of over 140km/h. Elisabeth Maier represented Canada in the 2018 Olympics and has claimed gold three years in a row at the World Cup races. She says, “I absolutely love skeleton, and when I competed prior to having my son it was an opportunity to represent myself, and compete for my nation on the highest level. Since having my son, my purpose has changed, I compete to show him that he can chase his dreams and to inspire mothers worldwide to go after their goals too!”

It has not been easy, that is for sure, but despite the lack of sleep and the balance of early motherhood with training, Maier is in the form of her life. Her strong comeback is an example of how powerful mothers truly are. 

When asked if she plans to introduce her son to the sport when he is older, Elisabeth laughed and said, “Both my husband (2x bobsled Olympian and current vice World champion in 4man) and I hope Hendrix picks a summer sport! I hope more than anything he sees his mama and papa chasing their dreams and that he is encouraged and inspired to do whatever that may be! But fingers crossed for a summer sport!”

The sport brings Elisabeth all over the world and she enjoys finding time to explore with Hendrix. Whether it’s feeding the ducks, or crossing frozen lakes, the Cruiser is up for any adventure and any season. Their Cruiser certainly sees a lot of snow!